Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Every evening my daughter tells me I don't update my blog here ya go Kloe.

While she and my wife were watching Taylor Swift on "Dancing With the Stars" last night...I was reading the latest about Garth in Vegas. Garth hates scalpers, but that's exactly what's started to happen with tickets going for as much as $1600. In response, the Wynn has taken the following steps.

Wynn reserves the right to cancel any ticket and refund the $143 ticket price. Buyer beware: Anyone who pays more than face value for a ticket could lose all but the $143 face-value of that ticket.
Tickets were sold requiring ID from the purchaser, who must be one of the persons entering the showroom. That ID will be compared to what is on record with that party's tickets.
In addition, Wynn's legal department has sent letters to known ticket re-sellers informing them that they are not licensed Wynn Hotel Ticket Brokers and they are not, therefore, allowed to re-sell Garth tickets.

Either's another big payday for Garth.

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